Purpose and approach

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Develop (ideally through a process of co-design) an approach to public art and murals, similar to those implemented in other councils, in an effort to increase the amount of new public art and murals in West Torrens.
  • Advocate for the development of public art in West Torrens and allow Council to lead by example, particularly in relation to what is expected from developers and others.
  • Frame Council’s approach and decision making parameters for the assessment, management and commissioning of public art projects.
  • Identify suitable strategic locations which present opportunities for public art project development.
  • Establish criteria against which refurbishments and new developments are assessed with regard to the integration of public art.

The suggested approach will provide the following benefits:

  • Provide City of West Torrens staff with the structure and necessary guidance for a planned and coordinated approach to commissioning and incorporating public art into designated projects and programs as well as consideration of, and suitable guidance on, decommissioning pieces at the end of their lifespan (when applicable).
  • Ensure that the community clearly understands Council’s role in providing public art.
  • Contribute to a sense of place to enhance public enjoyment and use of places by guiding public art that captures the cultural identity of the community and the distinct character of local area of West Torrens.
  • Create local landmarks to make streets, open spaces, buildings, key thoroughfares, community gathering points, and tourist areas more distinctive.
  • Increase awareness of the value and contribution of art within the community and its impact on creating a unique identity for the city.
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Consultation has concluded

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